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Photograph of a woman probably dating from between 1900 -1908. Notice how the fabric seems very flowing and has a print. Also note the contrasting bands at the neck and wrists.

This photograph probably dates from the early part of the first decade. Note the slight pattern of the fabric as well as the overhanging blouse front, characteristic of this period. Also note her lovely hair-do!

A woman and a girl on a postcard. The woman is wearing what appears to either be a dress or a shirtwaist and skirt (my research leads me to believe it is a dress). Note the elaborate embroidery on the bodice countered by the plainer skirt. The hat seems to be of straw, decorated with ribbon and flowers. The girl wear a peter-pan collar blouse with a short, pleated skirt. She also sports a big hair bow, popular for girls at the time.

The dresses in this photograph seem to date to between 1915-1918, judging by the fullness of the skirts (in the mid 1910s, skirts were fuller than they had been in awhile for a short period). The young woman on the left is wearing a white dress with bell sleeves; the skirt seems to have a split overskirt. There appears to also be a sash. The young lady on the left is also wearing a white dress with bell sleeves and a dark sash. Note the shoes on the left.

This young woman is wearing a dress which is most likely from the early to mid 1910s, as the waistline seems raised higher than it was before and after. She wears a dress with more fitted sleeves and a crisp white collar. Note the hairstyling.

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