Across the Ages was launched online in June 2002. My interests in historic fashion go back to a very early age and I wanted to share my love of the styles past with others. At the beginning of this website it had very little in the way of content or even purpose, but it's grown considerably. In the first year alone I did two facelifts to the website's layout (this is #3!) and added new content while streamlining my ideas and dreams for Across the Ages. In October 2002 I added a popular feature on women's clothing of the early Twentieth Century, thus enlarging the website's appeal and information considerably.

My plans for the future of this website are still sketchy, but it's certain I will continue to add to the Tides of Change feature, as that is fast becoming my favorite part of the website. I've had some great encouragement as to how helpful this section of the website is, and believe that continuing my effort to share with others about this era will help educate and aid others in their research. I also plan to add, over time, to the pattern and book reviews (so many good books and patterns; so little time!).

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Miss C.
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The site endeavors to have family-friendly content which is suitable for most age groups. I therefore tend to shy away from undergarment history (there are enough sites out there on that already) and monitor the guestbook for offensive language.

Please realize though that I have no control over what sites that we have linked to may contain on their pages. While I try my best to explore most of the site, I don't have the time to go through page by page, word by word. Please use your own discretion when viewing one of the links.

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Thanks and Appreciation

°  Thanks goes to
Fwirl, who helped with the HTML and was willing to explain the "complex" as well as be a sounding board for all my new ideas.
°  Thanks also goes to my kind friend Abigail, who helped me with her advice and encouragement!
°  I also want to thank all the kind people who have offered their advice and help.
°  Thanks also goes to the two wonderful HTML tutorials used to build this site: Lissa Explains it All and HTML Goodies--without these, it is doubtful this site would have gotten past rudimentary HTML.
°  Thanks also goes to the great inspiration I've gotten from Graphic Goo; their tutorials are the best!

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