Evening Gowns Worn at Paris Reception-- "The richest of lace, the filmiest gauze and chiffon, the handsomest of fur and the most gorgeous of jewels were gathered together to adorn those splendid women. Accordion pleated skirt, both short and en trine, are worn you see. Very stylish are the long lace sleeves extending well down over the hand. Quite new is the lace court train, if such it may be called, and very becoming, too, are the sheer widths which fall from the shoulders and spread in fan shape from choux of velvet near the skirt hem. I haven't time now for a full description of all the features; but I do just want to mention the new jeweled trimming; pearls or diamonds wired together and bordering fichus and tunics.

"The jewels are held in a fine, almost invisible platinum setting which gives the stones their full value. Bands about the hair are wound with strings of pearls, and great topazes sparkle in headdresses that remind you of the turban on a great Mogul."-Anne Overton, 1912

Figure 2

4913, Ladies' Coat-Coats for fall wear will be a little shorter than in the pervious season. This model provides for a thirty-two or a thirty-four inch garment to suit various tastes. It is smart with a variety of skirts, but especially so with Ladies' Skirt No. 4909.

4909, Ladies' Four Gore Skirt-This is shown with No. 4913. Serge, cheviot and velveteen will also be serviceable materials. [Measures approximately two yards and a half at the lower edge.]

4889, Ladies' Waist-This is a suitable waist for a taffeta or satin gown like that in combination with skirt No. 4919. The opportunity for the use of lace makes it of value for a dressy gown.

4919, Ladies' Three Piece Skirt-With tunic and pleated lower section, this is on of the smartest of recent skirt models. With waist No. 4889, it develops charmingly in stain or in silk. [Measures approximately three yards and three-quarters at lower edge.]

4915, Ladies' Waist-For a one-piece dress of striped serge or mohair this is an excellent model to combine with skirt No. 4917. Side closing or straight front, Robespierre and rolled collar offer a pleasing variety in its construction.

4917, Ladies' Four Gored Skirt-Although suitable for any other waist, this is an appropriate skirt to combine with waist No. 4915 for a one piece costume. It is cut in four gores having a distinctly smart appearance without being extreme. Serge, corduroy and Bedford cord will be suitable materials for it. [Measures approximately two yards and three-eighths at the hem.]

Figure 3

4955, Ladies' Dress-This is a good model to use for striped serge or whipcord, as this crosswise stripes make a desirable trimming feature for the front. The graceful pleated skirt has seven gores, and as it is designed with a straight lower edge, the opportunity is given for the use of some of the fascinating bordered materials now being shown in the shops. Another good and practical feature of this model is that it may be opened at the side front or at the center back. [Measures approximately three yards and a quarter around the bottom of the skirt.]

4929, Ladies' Dress-This is a charming gown with its lace chemisette. It may be made of taffeta or satin with velvet collar and trimming section on the three piece skirt. Serge or broadcloth may also be used to develop it. The two attractive collars given are both cut on the newest lines, although quite different in shape. The broad tuck gives a little extra fullness to the front of the waist, and in the back is stitched to the waistline, meeting the stitching in the broad panel of the skirt. A row of the new crystal buttons on the waist and skirt with square silk bound buttonholes form a most attractive finish to this striking costume. [Measures approximately two yards and one-eighth at the hem.]

4937, Ladies' Dress-A velvet costume with white satin vest and inset section lace collar cuffs will suit the most fastidious taste. Plainer materials, such as serge or cheviot, will also be satisfactory to develop this design, which is an unusually good model cut on long becoming lines. The skirt may be made with three or four gores. If with three, the back will be without a seam and have slight gathers at the waistline. Skirts having this style of back are gaining favor very rapidly. Another good feature is the deep armhole which combines style with extreme comfort. [Measures approximately two yards at the lower edge.]

Figure 4

4911, Ladies' Waist with Guimpe-By means of the smart little touches featured in the styles of today every gown becomes individual. This is especially true of this waist, with its sleeveless guimpe and graceful lace collar. Ermine bands seem the most fitting garniture for such a royal purple broadcloth costume, and the design of both waist and skirt (the latter, Ladies' Four Piece Skirt No. 4923) is especially adapted to feature this form of embellishment. The guimpe is made of fine shadow lace, brought into accord with the dress by the row of tiny purple buttons, down the front. The color is given its true value by a velvet girdle and narrow folds outlining the V-shaped open front of the blouse.

4923, Ladies' Four Piece Skirt-Skirts either wholly or in part pleated have been all the rage in Paris since the early summer. The style is meeting with pronounced favor in this country as well, and some of the best fall models are displaying this feature. The good effect of this construction is apparent in the design, combined with waist No. 4911, in the dress of purple broadcloth. Satin, velvet, corduroy, cheviot, or serge may be made up also in this form with good effect. [Measures approximately two yards and three-quarters at the lower edge.]

4939, Ladies' Coat-Coats as well as costumes follow closely the changing tides of fashion, and the designs are gaining constantly in beauty and style. This one is strictly up-to-date, and with either of its two collars, straight or cutaway lines of the front, and two length, thirty or thirty-four inches, will find approval with varied tastes. In the [illustration], it is worn with skirt No. 4015, both made of brown striped cheviot. The collar is the velvet, in a deep shade of brown to match the darker pinstripe in the material. Corduroy, zibeline, velvetina, tweeds and cheviots are all excellent fabrics for the development of such a suit.

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