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Dress Diaries

A Stitch in Time--Anna's exciting new dress diaries! She does some fabulous work, which is not to be missed. She also has pictures of her 1860s sewing on her business site The Graceful Lady.

Démodé --Some really fabulous dress diaries!! She also has some great 20th century sewing projects on display (my favorite eras!).

Elizabeth: The Art of Dress --Elizabeth has some really interesting projects going!

Festive Attyre -- Gorgeous Renassiance and Elizabethan gowns! Be sure to check out her super detailed dress diaries! Boy, she sure packs a ton of information into them!

Historically Dressed --is one of my favorites. She has plenty of finished and on-going dress diaries, with good reviews of patterns in them.

Jenny La-Fleur's Costume Cabinet--Absolutelty stunning dress diaries. From Rennassiance gowns to 'Titanic' era creations, she does some gorgeous work! She also has several helpful how-to pages for costumers.

Katherine's Dress Site --Katherine has some really neat dress diaries! She has several historically styled outfits featured, as well as three movie costumes. Be sure to stop by and check out her repro of Amidala's Picnis Dress from Star Wars II and Eowyn's Refugee and Shieldmaiden gowns.

The Lady's Workbasket--Another new dress diary that promises to be a fun read!

NEW!! Luthien Tinuviel--Vi's delightful dress diary; she does some very nice work. Be sure to check out her vintage magazine scans and photographs of her vintage clothing collection!

Le Maison de Elegance --Featured Link (see left).

NEW!! Michaela's Costumes--Beautiful, beautiful work, and very detailed dress diaries.

NEW!! Mode Historique--Gorgeous Elizabethan (and a couple 19th century) dress diaries.

Sarah's Dress Diaries--Sarah has done some beautiful projects, be sure to stop by and read her diaries.

NEW!! The Sewing Bird--Lovely mid-19th century dress diaries and resources.

So Much to Sew...So Little Time--Kelly's fun and informative site--be sure to check out her Empire corset diary!

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Font Face--Huge selection of fonts for download--lots of really cool ones!

Graphic Goo--Really cool webzine geared toward the webgraphic designers. Loads of inspiration and tutorials.

Live365--Internet radio site; great selction of channels to listen to; I love listening to the swing and soundtrack stations!

Vintage Sewing--Vintage sewing manuals online! Talk about a goldmine of information; mostly early to mid 20th century.

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Classic Movies

As many of my friends know, I'm addicted to old movies. Here is a (growing) list of my favorite websites pertaining to classic films:

Classic Noir--Great site on classic film noir. Be sure to check out the Pull a Fast One feature!

Internet Movie Database --Not classic movies per-se, but it includes good listings of actors/actresses, awards, years movies were made, etc. for just about every movie ever made!

Reel Classics --Showcases some of the best movies and stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Turner Classic Movies--The old movie channel. They have the best showing of classic films.

Vincent's Casablanca Page--A very comprehensive page on the classic film, Casablanca.

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Research Sites

Note: For an extensive list of research links, please visit my historical fashion site, Across the Ages.

Bissonnette on Costume --Kent State's great online costume gallery.

The Costume Gallery --Great research site--be sure to check out the neat "A Year in Fashion" articles.

Costumer's Manifesto --Helpful site with lots of links to other sites. History section divided by decade or period.

Christine's Vintage Fashion Page --Great site with images of different 20th century decades.

NEW!! Elizabethan Costuming Page--The best place to start when researching 16th century fashion. Also home of the famous 'corset generator'.

In Timely Fashion--"Old Fashioned Elegance Everyday!"

Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion --Extensive website with lots of pictures, links, and costume breakdowns. Be sure to also check out her great selection of Regency era pattern reviews!

Karen Augusta--Gorgeous antique and vintage items for sale at this site--great for inspiration for your next costume project!

La Couturiére Parisienne --One of my favorites! From fashion plates and paintings to period sewing patterns!

Lunaelbia --Plenty of information on the mid-19th century here!

Sense and Sensibility --Be sure to check out the extensive selection of links as well as the vintage images section!

Vintage Textile--Another antique/vintage garment dealer, but this one is top-notch stuff! Loads of inspiration and drool-worthy, museum quality pieces from the 18th through mid 20th centuries.

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Webrings & Discussion Groups

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Le Maison Elegance
While there are only a couple dress diaries on this site, the "Titanic Jump Dress on a Budget" is a must-visit! She also has a lot of info on the gowns from Titanic as well as Regency era fashions.