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A Revolutionary Idea
An ongoing diary of a circa 1785 black and white striped robe a l'anglaise. This project includes stays, gown, and petticoat.

The Blue Corset
Construction diary of an 1880s corset using the pattern from Corsets and Crinolines.

The Red Princess
The recreation of Princess Buttercup's Red Riding Gown from the 1980s fairytale film, The Princess Bride.

The Italian Noblewoman--Take 2
Reworking my Ren gown from last year for this year's Ren Faire.

A Classical Ideal
Underneath each great dress is a foundation. Construction diary of early 19th century stays.

Italian Renaissance Gown
Inspired by the beautiful styles of the 1530s. Complete with a corset to give the proper silhouette.

The Lady in White
When you combine a Renn Faire, a close deadline, and money issues; what do you get? A Lord of the Rings gown on a tight budget!

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