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About the Site
Elegant Musings was built using plain old html, typed by me. I used tables for the general layout, as well as a smattering of CSS (cascading style sheets), which gives the cool link effects like this when you mouse-over.

For the graphic on the main page (as well as the splash page), I used a circa 1930 piece of advertising art and touched it up a little on PSP7. The font is Porcelain. For past layouts, please click the thumbnails below:

I do occasionally have time to offer help and suggestions with html and design banners for others. Please feel free to drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks & Appreciation
Thanks to all the wonderful people online who have critiqued this new layout and given me pointers and suggestions-you all are fabulous! Thanks also to my costuming buddy Jenny Rose for critiquing the Empire Research page and layout and Fwirl for it's help with general website design critique.

I also want to thank those online who have inspired me with their dress diaries and websites. Thanks so much!

Contact Me
Suggestions, comments, criticisms? I enjoy hearing from people who have visited my site, so please drop me a note!

Please note that the photographs of finished projects, text of the dress diaries are all copyright Miss C. Do not reproduce any of those without my permission.

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