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Ladies' Waist (shown at left of figure 1)--[T]he garment is charmingly made of flowered pink and gray silk combined with plain gray satin and all-over Valenciennes lace laid over pink chiffon.

Ladies' Waist (shown at right of figure 1)--Tan taffeta glacé is combined with Valenciennes ruffling for the waist here shown, lace appliqué and narrow ruching of white forming the trimming.

Ladies' Shirt Waist Toilette (shown at left of figure 2)--Dark blue silk-finished mohair is used for this handsome toilette, the Pompadour yoke being made of white embroidered linen.

Ladies' Box-Plaited Toilette (shown at right of figure 2)--Pale lavendar drap d'été is combined with all-over lace for this handsome toilette, narrow piping of darker voilet velvet united by spider webs of voilet embroidery silk forming the effective trimming.

Ladies' Coat Toilette (shown at left of figure 3)--The coat as here pictured is made of tan melton, and the skirt of brown satin duchesse.

Ladie's Tucked Coat (shown at right of figure 3)--In the present instance the garment, is made of plaid cheviot and plain gray cloth.

Ladies' Shirt Waist Toilette (shown at left of figure 4)--[The] garment is made of a novelty cheviot, and trimmed with braid.

Ladies' Coat Toilette (shown at right of figure 4)--The coat as here shown is made of gray broadcloth and the skirt of gray herringbone cheviot.

Ladies' Toilette (shown at left)--The toilette is developed in flowered silk, the yoke being of all-over lace.

Ladies' Bridal Toilette (shown at right)--This handsome toilette is made of ivory-white peau de cygne, the waist having a bolero and cuffs of Arabian lace, trimmed with white chiffon ruching. The skirt is trimmed with the ruching only.

Ladies' Toilette (shown at left of figure 7)--Both the waist and the skirt are made of a sea-green landsdowne, the waist yoke and lower part of sleeves being of all-over lace. Piping of black velvet and narrow lace edging form the trimming and the girdle is made of black velvet.

Ladies' Toilette (shown at right of figure 7)--Plain and checked wool goods are to be used for this toilette. The bolero is embroidered with darker pink, and is trimmed with narrow knife-plaiting of silk of the same color.

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