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August 31, 2004--The scramble to finish my Italian gown in time for the Faire is over, and I am pleased to annouce that the gown is now finished. Plenty of pictures areavailable in the gallery. I'm currently busy planning my next sewing project and should have details up fairly soon.

July 21, 2004--There has been a slight change of plans for my summer sewing. Instead of working on the blue corset as I had hoped, I'm not remaking my Italian Ren gown from last year to wear again. It's a total overhaul--I hope no one will be able to recognize it once it's done! Most of my updates are being done on my journal, but I will be updating my new diary occasionally.

June 9, 2004--I didn't like the look of the site after all, so I redesigned it. If you come across any broken links or images, please be sure to contact me. I also updated the links page.

June 8, 2004--I hope this was worth the wait! I've updated the Diaries page with a new diary: The Blue Corset. I'm making a late 19th century corset to wear under my new Ren Faire gown this year (which I will be posting a diary of shortly!). Stay tuned for weekly updates.

I've also redesigned the main page of the site as well as the diary hub. The site is also much more CSS (cascading style sheets) based than the previous one; if you're having trouble viewing this site, please update your browser. I also recently was able to purchase a digital camera, so look for better pictures of the Eowyn and Italian Ren gown later this summer.

April 20, 2004--No new dress diaries yet; I've been busy sewing modern clothes and have been forced to focus on those rather than the costume projects I want to do. But never fear, I should be making a decision on my summer projects sometime next month and be uploading a new diary on those. Stay tuned! Until then, check out my LiveJournal, devoted soley to sewing, fashion, and related musings.

March 10, 2004--Quite a bit has been updated since the last time, namely a new look for Elegant Musings. As much as I liked the piece of artwork I used in the previous layout, the gold just wasn't doing anything for me, so I decided to go with a sleeker black/green color scheme. Hopefully this one will stay around a little longer!

I've also modified the dress diary menu somewhat. I will be adding a new diary soon; once my sewing schedule for the spring/summer gets ironed out! I'll be adding the finishing touches to the "Elven Jewel" tutorial (how to construct Arwen's "Bridge Dress" beaded hair jewel from FotR) shortly; I just need to put the finishing touches on a couple sketches.

Be sure to check back next week for updates and feel free to e-mail me with feedback. Have a great week!

January 12, 2004--Finally an explanation as to lack of updates in the Empire Project!!

December 24, 2003--I know have pictures of the Empire Stays online! Go here to view the gallery. A little late--but better late than never!! Please note that I won't be updating the site until after the New Year; probably in the second week. I need to really get working on the gown to wear over the stays, and don't want to have other things taking up my sewing time.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

December 15, 2003--I made one final post in the stays diary and have now started the gown part of the diary on a seperate page. Stay tuned for updates next Monday!!

December 10, 2003--Firstly, I'd like to apologize for not updating for over two weeks. Unfortunately, the Empire stays had to be put on hold as my boning took a little longer than I had anticipated to arrive. But, the stays are nearly finished!! I'll be updating next Monday with not only the last notes about the stays, but hopefully information about the dress as well. Stay tuned!

November 25, 2003--I updated the stays. I got the back of the stays totally finished--everything from the cording to quilting to eyelets! I feel sooo accomplished. However, my apologies to those of you on the mailing list--I just wasn't up to sending out an updates newsletter. Sorry! Hopefully, I'll have more news on the stays next week. Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

November 17, 2003--Huge update in A Classical Ideal; I made considerable progress with my stays last week. I also updated the Links (as usual!! ). Oh, and I wanted to note that my earlier update entry about only sending the update newsletters every-other update isn't true anymore. Since I'm now updating EM only once-a-week, I send out a newsletter every week. Sign up if you haven't already--it's a great way to know what I've updated without checking the site. Enjoy!

November 10, 2003--I managed to start the stays over the weekend, so there are some updates in A Classical Ideal. I also added a few new links. On another note, Jenny la Fluer has done an entry in her Empire gown dress diary about how to enlarge scaled patterns on the computer--be sure to check it out!!

November 3, 2003--New additions in A Classical Ideal in the undergarments section, particularly under the Stays section. Also added a handful of new websites--there ar e some good ones to visit!

November 1, 2003--No updates, but just wanted to let visitors know that I will be updating the site weekly, every Monday or thereabouts. Look for some super updates this coming Monday!

October 27, 2003--Added a new entry in A Classical Ideal. I also modified the shift diagram to reflect some changes I made during construction.

October 24, 2003--I've added two new things: a site map and an updates newsletter. In regards to the latter: it will only be sent out every-other-update, so be sure to keep checking for updates. I should be updating A Classical Ideal early next week. Stay tuned!

October 21, 2003--Grand opening! Let me know if you find any broken links or pages that aren't working. Enjoy browsing through the page and be sure to check back often for updates!

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