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Couture Sewing Techniques
By Claire Schaeffer

Couture sewing: the word conjures up images of Paris and seamstresses huddled over fine fabrics, sewing the garments which will grace the runway in next season's fashion shows. Haute Couture is indeed a fine art, but Ms. Schaeffer has made it more assessable to the home seamstress.

The book is primarily how-to, with a good dose of advice on various aspects of fine sewing thrown in. From hand-sewing stitches, seam finishes, sewing odd-shaped seams, tailoring, and evening wear, this book covers it in some manner or another. While not extensive if you are looking for a in-depth look at a specialized area of sewing (such as bridal and evening wear or tailoring), this book is a good reference.

Another bonus, for those of us that are interested in couture, is the myriad of photographs of vintage couture garments. From Chanel to St. Laurent, most major 20th century designers have pictures in this book, which makes it very interesting visually. Also of interest is the short section is how the process goes when one orders a garment from a couture house.

A superb book to have on your shelf for referencing when you're doing fine sewing projects. -Reviewed by Miss C.

4 stars out of 5

Artwork is October (1877) by James Tissot, courtesy of CGFA.

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