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Fashions for July

Figures 1 and 2--Dinner, Carriage, or Evening Toilet, and Child's Costume.

Figure 1 illustrates a toilet equally applicable for the carriage, or for a dinner or evening dress. The robe is of white and green grenadine, with three flounces, à disposition; these are quadrilled alternately with green and white velvet or plush, with small tufts of the material varying the surface, and ornamented with a fringe. The corsage is half-pointed. On the top of the body are three bethés, inwoven; the upper two being spread, and the under one confined by a stitch to the body upon which it forms a deep point. Upon this is placed a noeud of taffeta ribbon, alternatively green and white. The sleeves are formed by narrow follow plaits which expand at the elbow into a bouillonnée, which is continued at the elbow in a very deep frill. The velvet forms the ornament for the puff and the bottom of the sleeve, which are caught up on the front arm by a fancy button. The bracelets are of pearl, and gloves should be straw-colored. The coiffure is à la Grec, with large pearls passing twice over the front hair, and twisted through the knot. Care should be taken, especially on an evening toilet, that this style of coiffure should not be adopted unless it harmonizes with the features.

The Child's Dress consists of a basque, with scrolled bretelles cut open at the shoulders. In front these terminate in a point at the waist; behind, they are apparently continued in a bow with floating ends. The basque is scalloped, and is slashed upon the sides, where it is slashed and laced with tasseled cords. The back and front are laid in large fan-shaped folds. The sleeves are puffed with bows upon the shoulders. The skirt is formed of a succession of frills.

Figure 3--Infant's Robe.

The Infant's Robe is entirely needle-wrought, with the exception of the lace ruffling. The fabrication and ornamenting of such a garment will be a labor of love to many a young mother.

Figure 4--White Lace Fichu.

The White Lace Fichu is another tasteful variety of this pretty adjunct of the toilet. In its construction white satin ribbon is employed in connection with any favorite lace.

Figure 5--Black Lace Fichu.

The Black Lace Fichu is a very becoming style, The lace is joined under a range of loops of black satin terminating with a bow.

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Artwork is October (1877) by James Tissot, courtesy of CGFA.

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