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Sense & Sensibility's Regency Gown

This pattern is one of my favorites. Why? Because it's a snap to sew up (one dress took me 3 days to sew), is versatile, and is fairly easy to understand how it goes together.

The pattern is not intended to be 100% historically accurate, but rather for modern wear (to be worn over modern-day undergarments). This makes it easy to have the Regency look without all the period undergarments. The style of the gown also lends itself to being worn in every-day or special occasion events (if made out of a fancier fabric). The gown sports either long or short sleeves (there is the option to make detachable under-sleeves to go with a short sleeved gown), a gently gathered bodice, and a graceful skirt with a flat front and gathered back. It is truly a feminine and modest garment!

The pattern pieces are printed on a heavy paper, which is nice as it doesn't rip or tear as easily as tissue patterns do. It is sized 8-18 (all sizes included in one package) and there is also a 18-26 D and DD bust size supplement available for separate purchase.

Instructions for the pattern are clearly written and illustrated with black and white drawings. There are also instructions with accompanying photographs on the Sense & Sensibility website. If you need further help, the owner/designer, Mrs. Jennie Chancey, offers online classes for her Regency Gown at the Costume Classroom.

If you're looking for a little variety with the patterns, the website also offers instructions for altering the pattern for different looks: a darted bodice, nursing option for mothers, and adding a train to the skirt-just to name a few. There are also photographs that accompany many of the instructions for the "add-ons", making it really easy to do.

The Regency Gown pattern is really worth a look if you've never seen it before. The sheer fun of making a gown that looks like what one of Jane Austen's heroines would have worn is exciting. You'll probably end up feeling like Elizabeth Bennet or Elinor Dashwood when you put this one on!

For more information, or to purchase the pattern, please visit Sense and Sensibility's website.-Reviewed by C.

This pattern is rated B+.

Artwork is October (1877) by James Tissot, courtesy of CGFA.

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