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Sense & Sensibility's Regency Spencer & Pelisse

This pattern is super easy to construct, very quick and quite versatile. The pattern has several options for the spencer or pelisse (coat) including a double breasted or 'frog' closure (like the brown spencer Lizzy Bennett wears in the A&E Pride and Prejudice). The pattern is meant to be worn over the proper foundations (a corset or bodiced petticoat), though if you are petite enough you may be able to get away without having too many fitting problems without the foundations.

I made the spencer up in a blue velveteen modeling it off of Lizzy's brown spencer. I simply lined the spencer in the velveteen (hey, I was short on time!!) and made the closure by using a row of self-fabric covered buttons on either side of the front opening and narrow braid loops sewn in the seam on one side. The loops are hooked over the buttons on the opposite side and make a very effective closure. It turned out very attractive and I envy the girl I made it for! LOL!

I highly recommend this pattern if for nothing else you can let your imagination run wild with combinations of closures, adjusting sleeves, interesting fabrics…

For more information, or to purchase the pattern, please visit Sense and Sensibility's website.-Reviewed by Miss C.

This pattern is rated B+.

Artwork is October (1877) by James Tissot, courtesy of CGFA.

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